Kerrygold launches first new Irish advertising campaign since 2010

October 02, 2017


Kerrygold, Ireland’s iconic dairy brand, is set to launch its first Irish advertising campaign since 2010.  The advert, Memories in the Making, centres on the link between generations of family members and how we pass on the lessons we learn. The advert, created by Publicis, will launch on October 2nd

The advert celebrates memories and experiences shared with the people that matter to us, that make us who we are. From generation to generation, we pass on the lessons we learn, creating bonds that tie families together.

Kerrygold has been responsible for some of the best-known adverts in Irish television history. Many of these adverts have focussed on the love that exists for Kerrygold across the world. This new advert, like Kerrygold itself, is distinctly Irish in look and feel. A young father, remembering his mother and how she would insist on cooking with Kerrygold, introducing his own daughter to the fun of cooking at home.

Adam Murphy, Kerrygold Commercial Director, Ornua explains the inspiration behind the new campaign: “This advertisement builds on the great tradition that Kerrygold adverts have in the Irish public consciousness. It focuses on the part Kerrygold plays in making memories between generations of families. It is a great representation of the way many of us view Kerrygold’s role in our homes.”

Kerrygold is Ireland’s much loved global food brand.  The Kerrygold brand was created by Sir Anthony O’Reilly in 1962, CEO of, what was then called, An Bord Bainne.  His vision for the brand was to establish Kerrygold as a premium brand, befitting the rich quality of Irish milk.  The Kerrygold story is, to a large degree, the story of Irish dairy farming.  Known and loved by consumers around the world, the brand is associated with images of cows grazing in lush green pastures.  Irish diaspora spot the familiar golden foil packaging in shops around the world and it is an immediate link to home.  Kerrygold advertising campaigns became viral at a time when YouTube did not exist, and to this day people of a certain age still ask the question “Who is Taking the Horse to France?”.

Kerrygold reported record annual global retail sales of €900 million in 2017.  Ornua’s ambition is to move Kerrygold from being a world-class butter brand to an instantly recognisable €1 billion global dairy brand in the coming years.  2016 saw the successful launch of Kerrygold Yogurts in Germany, Kerrygold Spreadable in the UK and the continued roll-out of Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur across Europe and the US.