Kerrygold Lighter Softer Wins Gold Award in the UK

February 22, 2010

Kerrygold Lighter Softer has won the Gold Award in the dairy category of The Grocer magazine’s 2010 Food and Drink Awards. These awards were established by The Grocer to recognise products which stand out in terms of taste, content, packaging, shelf presence, brand impact, labelling and value for money.

Kerrygold Lighter Softer competed with, and beat, well known brands in this category including Unilever’s Flora Buttery. The judging procedure involved both consumer and judges’ opinions covering:

  • Stage 1:
    Consumer screening regarding interest in the product
    - Interest, acceptance, brand appeal, presentation and purchase intent.
  • Stage 2:
    Product evaluation by an expert panel
    - Innovation, packaging and presentation and product performance.

Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature cheese was another of the finalists in the dairy category.

Kerrygold Lighter Softer was developed to offer consumers the healthy option of a reduced fat butter with 25% less salt. This product offers taste, convenience and spreadability without any vegetable oil additives (unlike most other lighter spreadables which contain almost 25% vegetable oil to aid spreadability). Kerrygold Lighter Softer achieved 13% growth in 2009 and is available exclusively in a 500g tub.