Pilgrims choice not simply ‘dreaming’ of being a £100 million brand

May 18, 2018

New heavy weight ‘The Cheese of your Dreams’ TV campaign to continue to deliver strong growth

Friday, 18 May 2018: Pilgrims Choice, the UK’s clear No.2 Cheddar brand, is set to return to our screens with a new, highly creative TV advertising campaign, complemented by innovative and engaging instore activation and an increased social and online media presence. The new £2.5 million, heavy weight, above and below the line campaign will launch next week online, with the TV advertising ‘going live’ from the start of June.  The campaign will support the continued strong growth of Pilgrims Choice, which is currently a £97.8 million brand.

It has long since been Pilgrims Choice’s mission to put the fun back in to the cheddar category. The 2018 campaign aims to do just that by bringing to life the brand’s “fill life with flavour” proposition and cementing Pilgrims Choice as ‘The Cheese of your Dreams’ for its shoppers.

‘The Cheese of your Dreams’ campaign creative is based on the long-held rumour that eating cheese can make you dream. Everyone dreams but the campaign builds upon this by suggesting that the flavour of Pilgrims Choice is so powerful it can fill your dreams full of flavour every night.  The highly innovative ‘Cheese of your Dreams’ TV advertising will feature cutting edge CGI, puppetry, live action and epic dreamscapes to recreate a consumer’s real dream. In doing so, it aims to ensure that Pilgrims Choice is a brand that everyone is talking about and wanting to engage with.

Pilgrims Choice already has a strong social following vs other cheese brands but its focus for 2018 will be to increase its social and online presence even further. ‘The Cheese of your Dreams’ campaign will provide the opportunity for the brand to drive conversation with new and existing consumers with a clear call to action for them to share their #CheeseDreams. 

Shoppers will be put at the heart of the campaign by asking them to share their cheese-fuelled dreams for the chance to see them turned into animated gifs. These will be shared across our social channels as well as bought to life at front of retailers stores through digital 6 sheets. The aim being to surprise and delight shoppers and create personalised and sharable content.

Eye catching and engaging instore sampling activity, with a difference, will also bring ‘The ‘Cheese of your Dreams’ campaign to life for shoppers at the point of purchase.  By providing the ultimate indulgent cheese moment in the form of Pilgrims Choice Cheese Toasties at stores nationwide.

Commenting on the new TV campaign, Lucy Washburn, Pilgrims Choice Senior Brand Manager, said: As the challenger brand in the cheese category, we are on a mission to ‘fill life with flavour’. We want to be the brand that stands out from the crowd, that everyone is talking about and engaging with.  ‘The Cheese of your Dreams’ campaign reinforces that we’re anti-bland and pro-punchy, it is how we think, act and how our cheddar will always taste.

“We have always set out to disrupt category norms with innovative marketing communications and activations. ‘The Cheese of your Dreams’ campaign does this and will ensure that sales of Pilgrims Choice will continue to grow as we drive excitement & fulfilment for flavour enthusiasts who no longer want to settle for the bland.”