Sustainable Farming

Maintaining and protecting Ireland’s dairy farming systems, dairy farm families and dairy farm animals.

Today’s consumer demands high-quality, sustainably produced products. While for many of our competitors the sustainability demands of these customers will present a challenge, for the Irish dairy industry, it presents an opportunity to showcase what we do naturally. Ireland has the perfect attributes for sustainable dairy farming, and with the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) we can now prove it.

The SDAS audits dairy farmers against over 170 criteria at 18 month intervals. The scheme measures performance in quality and sustainability and determines the carbon footprint of every Irish dairy farm. In this new post quota environment, SDAS will be a vital tool in proving our sustainability attributes and will enable Ornua, on behalf of the industry, to market and promote the premium attributes of Irish dairy products.

The family is at the heart of Irish dairy farming. The passion for farming is passed down from generation to generation and has shaped the way we farm. It is not uncommon for three generations of an Irish family to work together on the same farm. Land is also passed down through the family; in fact the average Irish farm only changes hands outside the family once every 550 years. At Ornua, we work hard to ensure that this way of life is preserved and it is our mission to safeguard the future prosperity of Irish dairy farmers.