Sustainable Operations

Supporting and building excellence in production, ensuring the most efficient and lean practices.

Origin Green

Origin Green is an industry sustainability programme which requires participants to develop and implement sustainability plans in areas such as procurement, operations and social sustainability. In 2013 we became the first dairy company to receive Origin Green Accreditation. We are proud to have maintained our accreditation in 2014. In 2014 we also provided support to a number of our members as they sought accreditation. 98% of our Irish product comes from companies engaging in Origin Green. In 2015 we hope to achieve 100% procurement from Origin Green participants in Ireland.

Sustainability Continuous Improvement Programme

To further complement Origin Green, we have developed a Sustainability Continuous Improvement Programme at all of our global sites. The programme involves measuring and managing energy, water and waste consumption against key performance indicators at each site. We are proud to have implemented a number of best practice initiatives at our sites and achieved significant results including:

  • 16% reduction in electricity consumption at Head Office since 2012
  • 18% reduction in thermal energy at Adams Food Limited in 2014
  • Installation of an RO system at our Ornua Ingredients North America facility in Wisconsin which will save around 4.5 million litres of water a year
  • 10% reduction of waste at Ornua Deutschland

In 2014 we also incorporated sustainability into the design process for all new construction developments.


In 2014, we also introduced a Global Supply Chain Integrity project to continuously improve how we work with third party stakeholders worldwide, to drive increased quality and food safety standards. In the first year of the project over 30 sites were visited and audited across the world. We also maintained BRC Grade A rating across all Group subsidiary factories including achieving accreditation within three months of the opening of our new production facility in Hilbert, Wisconsin.


We continue to include sustainability in the tender process for all transport, logistic and supply chain contracts and partner with service providers to ensure a minimal impact on the environment.During 2014 we worked closely with all transport and logistics partners in preparation for the introduction of Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA) and to ensure full compliance for 2015.