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Kerrygold instant full cream milk powder

This is a premium milk powder produced from fresh, high quality full-fat milk, Kerrygold full cream milk powder mixes easily to provide a delicious creamy milk taste and is fortified with vitamins to provide essential nutrients for a healthy life. Available in North and Sub-Saharan Africa. Kerrygold instant full cream milk powder is available in tin, pouch and 25kg bulk bag formats.

Kerrygold UHT Milk – Whole- milk 1L

Consumers can now enjoy the great taste of Irish milk which is packed in a convenient 1L Tetrapak carton.

Kerrygold UHT Milk – Semi skimmed 1L

Kerrygold Semi-Skimmed milk contains 50% less fat than Kerrygold whole milk and offers consumers the benefit of great tasting milk which is low in fat (1.6%)

  • Kerrygold Leite
  • Kerrygold Leite
  • Kerrygold Tinned Leite
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