Ornua Ingredients is responsible for the procurement of Irish dairy and non-dairy products and for the sale of dairy ingredients to food manufacturers and foodservice customers. The business is also responsible for management of volatility through de-risking and trading strategies. 

Headquartered in Ireland, Ornua Ingredients is supported by plants in Saudi Arabia, Spain, the UK, the US and by in-market teams in the Middle East and Africa region. Ornua Ingredients' extensive product range, excellent customer service, product development expertise and technical support ensures it delivers solutions to support its customers' success. 

With 50 years of R&D experience, we are constantly exploring new formulation possibilities to enhance our ingredients range via projects in our laboratories, test kitchens, pilot plants and production facilities. This is always carried out in collaboration with our customers to provide cost effective solutions to meet their functional, flavour and nutritional product requirements.

We have dedicated on-going ingredient research and development in four key areas which ensures we can respond to application demands, provide technical support and be at the forefront of new product development.

All our ingredients are produced to the highest standards and full specifications and quality control measures are available on request. Please see the links below for more information about each of our ingredient capabilities.


Sweet Cream Butter

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Whey Butter

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Lactic Butter

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Cheddar cheese


Monterray Jack

Reduced Fat Cheese





Red Leicester

Soft Cheese


Full Cream Milk Powder

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Skim Milk Powder

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Buttermilk Powder

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Fat Filled Powder

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Whey Powder

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Yoghurt Powder

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Demineralised Whey Powder

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Acid Casein

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Rennet Casein

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Sodium Caseinate

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Calcium Caseinate

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Functional Food Solutions

Specialist Powder Formulations

Functional Cheeses

Sauces & Desserts

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