One of Ornua's core goals is to deliver value through innovation. Consequently, investment in innovation continues to beat the heart of Ornua's growth plans. 

Ornua refocused its innovation resources in 2016, establishing dedicated innovation teams for both the Foods and Ingredients divisions in order to better meet the different and evolving needs of customers in both businesses. 

Innovation resources are split out among innovation centres of excellence in Ireland and globally across Ornua's international manufacturing plants. Ornua expanded its butter innovation capabilities in 2016, with the opening of Kerrygold butter manufacturing plant in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. 

Kerrygold Yogurts (Germany)

In 2015, Kerrygold launched a new range of Yogurts in Germany. This was Kerrygold's first entry into the consumer yogurt category. A full range was developed which included eight fruit flavours and one natural flavour. In 2016 additional seasonal flavours were introduced in market including a Spring/Summer range and a limited edition Winter range. 

Kerrygold Shredded Cheese (Germany)

In 2017, Ornua launched a range of Kerrygold shredded cheese into the German market. Three shredded cheese products were launched to include grated red cheddar, grated "pizza cheese" and diced red cheddar. All are in highly convenient, easy-to-open and re-sealable bags. 

Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese Wedges (USA)

Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese Wedges and Kerrygold Dubliner Premium Cheese Spread were launched in the US in 2015. Both products are made with 100% natural cheese, from grass-fed cows, without any artificial flavours or additives. 

Kerrygold UHT milk (China)

A new range of Kerrygold UHT milk was launched into the Chinese market in 2014, under the brand name, 金凯利, pronounced ‘Jin Kai Li’. The 250ml family friendly cartons were launched in the top four cities in China. Over 11 billion litres of liquid milk are consumed in China each year, compared with just 670 million litres in Ireland.

Kerrygold Spreadable and Kerrygold Spreadable Lighter (UK)

2016 saw the introduction of Kerrygold Spreadable and Kerrygold Spreadable Lighter into the UK market. The introduction of two Kerrygold products allows the brand to compete in the spreadable butter category, a category which is experiencing strong and continued growth. 

Kerrygold Light & Extra Mature Cheese (International)

Kerrygold Light Cheese is a great tasting cheese with only half the fat of the original Kerrygold. This product was launched to capitalise on the growing trend of consumers wanting reduced fat products. Kerrygold Extra Mature Cheddar is a truly remarkable cheese with huge flavour and savoury with sweet notes. The launch of this cheese capitalises on an increasing global familiarity with, and demand for, cheddar.

Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur (USA)

One of our most exciting launches recently was into a completely new category with Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur – the new gold standard in Irish cream liqueurs. Launched in the US in September 2014, Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur is the finest blend of natural Irish cream, aged Irish whiskey and luxurious chocolate.

Skimmed Milk Yoghurt Powder (USA)

In 2014, Ornua Ingredients began supplying skimmed milk yogurt powder for a key customer in the diet and nutritional sector. This popular natural dieting powder is used for improving metabolism and is for export to the US market.