Our Rich and Natural Cheese

Ornua offers the best of Irish cheese, crafted using the highest quality milk from grass-fed cows.

Our cheese is hand selected by expert graders to meet our discerning customer flavour profile and functional requirements. Our ingredient cheese products can be used in a wide range of applications and are aimed at serving our food manufacturing and foodservice customers.

We provide highly functional cheese ingredient solutions without losing any of the sought-after flavours.


White and coloured cheddar cheese ranges from curd to vintage. Our cheddar is hand selected for specific customer requirements and provides high functionality, excellent flavour and is rich in calcium.

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Red Leicester

This hard cheese, with a slight citrus note, is more moist, crumblier and has a milder flavour than cheddar. Red Leicester is suitable for cutting, slicing and grating which makes it perfect for applications such as ready meals and sandwiches.

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Cheddar and Red Chilli

Our cheddar with red chilli is infused with dried chilli flakes to add a distinctive spicy taste.

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A soft cheese that provides excellent functionality with a mild, creamy lactic flavour. It is a cheese developed for further processing, for example in pizza cheese production.

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Irish Emmental Cheese

Irish Emmental has a sweet, aromatic and nutty flavour profile which gives recipes a gourmet twist.

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This Irish cow’s milk cheese is produced using pasteurised milk from grass-fed cows. It is a hard Italian-type cheese characterised by a mild but slightly piquant flavour paired with a straw yellow colour.

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Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is a semi-hard white cheese with a smooth, creamy texture and exceptional flavour characteristics produced with milk from grass-fed cows. This is a clean, creamy and balanced cheese that is also highly functional

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Mallo cheese has complex piquant flavours, subtle nutty, fruit back notes and a slightly granular texture.

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