Ornua Foods

Ornua Foods is responsible for the global marketing and sales of Ornua’s consumer brands including Kerrygold, Dubliner, Pilgrims Choice, Forto, Avantage and BEO. Markets are served by production facilities and in-market sales and marketing teams in Africa, Asia, Germany, Ireland, the UK, the rest of Europe, the Middle East and the US.

Beo Milk

Beo Milk is a delicious and nutritious drink suitable for all the family. Produced from natural, fresh skimmed cow’s milk and vegetable fat, Beo Milk is specially formulated with Beo Vits, which are essential for brain development, energy release and overall good health.


Forto is popular with mothers of children aged 3+ years-old, who seek a reliable product with consistent quality that delivers value for money. Forto comes in both full cream and fat filled milk powders.