Emma is responsible for the safety, training and performance management of her team and process to ensure that products are manufactured on time, in full and within specification by ensuring necessary resources are available whilst controlling cost effectiveness.

“The best thing about working for a company like Ornua is the friendly culture and the promotion of it. With my manager’s encouragement for me to grow and develop, I am empowered to drive on and implement my ideas.  I am treated as an important member of the team. We are part of one big team and we’re given ownership to do great things.

17 years on and still, I love waking up to come to work each day. Every day is a different challenge. The company’s mission, values and collaboration and support from the whole team makes being committed to excellence easy. The investment in people within the company has to be my highlight. I started through an agency to take one year out before going to University – I never went, training and development is taking me up the ladder of success here instead.”