Knock the socks off your taste buds with dishes that ooze and bubble with mouthwatering cheddar. Go on, reach your full cheesy potential…

Vintage Cheddar

Become a cheeseboard champ with the robust, long-lasting flavour. A crunchy and sweet cheese that lives long in the memory and can turn bitesize snacking into profound, flavour-packed experiences. Taste Matters.

Flavour fact: We get hot under the collar over Calcium Lactate crystals. This means our cheddar has aged to flavour perfection with added Crunch!


Extra Mature Cheddar

Break off a chunk and get that rich and creamy, smooth taste. The crunch? That’s the calcium lactate crystals formed as it’s aged, we hand-select all our cheese to ensure its delivers in every bite. Don’t waste any more time reading this, get stuck in! Taste matters.


Mature Cheddar

Imagine a cheese so smooth, so moreish and so undeniably good that it’s hard to put down. Hand-selected for a long-lasting flavour, this cheddar hits the spot time and again. Ready to cancel the bland and bring unrivalled flavour to your meals? Taste Matters.


Lighter Mature

It may be lighter, but don’t be fooled! Satisfy those cheesy needs with its silky smooth, long-lasting taste. Watch this moreish cheddar melt into your pasta bake, top those spuds and enhance your lunchtime game. Taste Matters

Extra Mature Lighter 

30% Less fat, but still delivers knock-out flavour. A rich and creamy cheddar that’ll revolutionise your omelettes and add oomph into every meal . Don’t compromise, taste matters.