The Walsh Farm

John and Maria Walsh have three children; Brendan, Claire and Helena. They are the sixth generation of farmers to farm the land and take great pride in their work.

Attention to detail is paramount and all farm decisions are discussed as a family on a Saturday evening around the dinner table. Farm safety is key and something they are all very passionate about.

The Walsh family were the 2017 winners of the NDC & Kerrygold Quality Milk Awards, an award which sets out to find and celebrate the top-quality milk farmers in Ireland. Each year, it celebrates the heritage that makes Irish milk unique; Irish farming is more than just a business, it’s a way of life. Irish farmers learn their craft from their parents and grandparents before them.

“Many of the decisions on this farm are discussed at the dinner table, when everyone is home and can have their say.”

“The attention to detail is something that everyone on this farm takes pride in. We believe that if our standards drop, the quality of our product will do likewise”